1/100th scale 75mm Pack Howitzers

1/100th scale 75mm Pack Howitzers

 I bought some 75mm Pack Howitzers from BPM, an interesting experiment in 3D printed artillery as my previous purchases in this genre have been distinctly ropey and took a lot of cleaning up. One of my pet hates (along with painting horses) is sticking gun kits together, especially metal ones with no instructions. Perhaps 3D printing is the answer. 

And indeed it is. These guns were resin printed and things of delicate beauty. They still came in two parts with separate barrels, but I can forgive them that as I didn’t have to stick the wheels on. They are almost as good as injection moulded plastic models.

The barrels went on fine with a dab of Superglue. I did them with British Para crews, they will just have stand in if I use them with my Americans. I just did them in late war OD (Vallejo Russian Uniform with a wash of bronze Green).

They got a light drybrush which helped pick out the detail. You can see how finely printed the trail is. The crew are Peter Pig British Para gunners, a generic set which apparently do for both gun and mortar crews.
I’m very pleased with those, lovely pieces and very easy to get assembled and painted up. 

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