1/48th Bandai Bolshevik Battlewagons - KV-1 and T-34/76

1/48th Bandai Bolshevik Battlewagons – KV-1 and T-34/76

Two more kits that my buddy graciously gifted me. These are old Bandai kits but still look as good as current available kits. If it weren’t for my buddy, I likely wouldn’t have gotten any Russian armor. Although I did paint up a Tamiya Beutepanzer KV-1 a while ago.

The kits originally came with stickers for markings – very old school, I guess. The decals on these were picked up off of ebay. I tried Googling the Cyrillic slogan on the KV-1 but couldn’t find out what it means.

The Bandai kits (including the previous German tanks) come with interiors – engine, gun components, and crew compartments. I skipped using these parts which sped up the building process. However, if one wanted to use them, most of the hatches and lids can be left opened to view the interior. Quite impressive for these older kits.

Wasn’t planning on building a Russian force up but may need to get some infantry for support.

As for the green – I experimented with some of the Vallejo Model Air colors. Not having prior experience with Soviet/Russian colors, I’m okay with the results for these. As with most vehicle colors, exposure to the elements would create various shades of the base color.

I dry-brushed Vallejo Yellow Green over both tanks to highlight and lighten up the overall look.

Well, no sooner was I finishing up these two tanks when my buddy dropped off several more Soviet tanks. These are metal models also in 1/48th scale. They size up perfectly with the Bandai kits. My buddy said he knew I liked this scale and he was using 1/56th stuff now. I plan to use the T-34/85’s for Korean War Bolt Action to face the Pershing I painted a few years ago.

Thank you for visiting, Comrades!

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