1/48th Scale Shermans - Tamiya and Hobby Boss Kits

1/48th Scale Shermans – Tamiya and Hobby Boss Kits

Wanted a couple of Shermans with cast hulls. The other Shermans I already have are 1/50th Corgis – and they don’t make them with cast hulls, so ended up trying out these two 1/48th scale kits. They’re slightly bigger overall than the Corgis as expected being a larger scale, but close enough. The picture below has the Tamiya on the left with a 75mm gun and the Hobby Boss on the right with a 76mm gun.

I used a can of Krylon OD green which looks pretty good – especially after a wash of Vallejo Skin Wash. A light dry brush of muddy brown was also applied. The figures are old Easy Eight dismounted tankers that were modified to go in the hatch. Basically cut off the lower half and clipped off the grease guns they were holding.

The Tamiya Sherman.

The Hobby Boss Sherman.

I’m probably in the minority with my preference for 1/50th-1/48th scale, with most favoring 1/56th scale, but I started out with 1/50th Corgi tanks and the figures I use are mostly on the larger side of 28mm. These two figures are Victory Force Miniatures and look okay with vehicles in this scale – at least to me.

Size/scale comparison with a Corgi, Tamiya, Hobby Boss, and another Corgi.

Top view comparison – Corgi, Hobby Boss, Tamiya, and Corgi.

My next project is attempting camouflage onto a Corgi Panther using a newly acquired airbrush. On the gaming front I’m hosting a Bolt Action Western Desert Campaign game next Saturday at our long-awaited Fort Steilacoom game day. We hadn’t had a game day there since 2019 – right before the pandemic (remember that thing?). 🙂 Anyway, just dropping a post to the blog to show that I’m still with it. Best wishes to you all!

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