10mm French artillery batteries.

Firstly a very happy new year to anyone daft enough to want to look at the ramblings of this crotchety old git from a fairly remote bit of northern England, this internet business never ceases to amaze me!

Two 10mm French ‚batteries‘ though in the Blucher rules they are primarily based for they are a concentration of 3-4 batteries. These are Pendraken figures, one 8pdr and one 12pdr:

Getting there with all of these little guys, speaking of which what did I get done and what do I fancy doing this year?
2017 saw all of my 28mm ancients re based, no small task in itself but this does mean they will be used a lot more, 10mm Cesarean are just about complete and a campaign is still ongoing (I will get back to that I promise!) and the above 10mm Napoleonics advanced. A few other bits and bobs but not worth mentioning.
2018, well no schedule and no promises but, definitely finish the 10mm naps so that I have two armies for Blucher.
I’d like to progress with 10mm WSS lots of figures there but to be honest I’m contemplating re-basing them, I know, I know but the driver would be adapting General d’Armee for this period so we’ll see.
28mm French Revolution could do with a certain amount of re basing, mainly the French infantry into eights so that they can be used for Sharp Practice as well as General d’Armee, make all of the 1794 flags replaceable with 1791 and/or 1805 ones. I would loosen the existing flags so that they could be replaced with the new ones depending on the period being played. I might sell the Elite Austrian hussars as at 30mm they are just too big, you can get away with the infantry but not cavalry. New French light infantry would be needed for 1791, but I have a cunning plan, I’ll let you know!
Temptation is to also get back into 15mm Franco Prussian war, I’ve plenty of painted figures but again would like a General d’Armee adaptation.
What I want and what I’ll get done are two very different things, we’ll see.
Anyway as I said, all the best folks.

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