12 Days of Christmas: Kings of War

2019 is going to be a great year for Kings of War players new and old. With Vanguard, Clash of Kings, and new army releases planned for the year, now is a perfect time to get started with the game – or expand your existing army with some new reinforcements.

First things first, January sees the release of the massive Giant. We had a small amount available as a pre-release in November, but now this towering miniature is available to buy permanently. Standing over 18cm tall, with two options for heads and each of the arms, this is a stunning centre piece for any army. Fortunately, it can be fielded alongside the Orcs, Goblins, Kingdoms of Men, and Ogres! On top of this, there’s also a stunning new army release around the corner…

In the wake of the Abyssal Invasion, the horrific Nightstalkers are stepping out of the shadows. Having already overrun the Elven capital of Ileuthar, these nightmarish creatures have been sighted across the world, gathering into great seething masses of gnashing teeth, tearing claws and grasping tentacles. A new, dark age dawns across Mantica as the Nightstalkers march forth.

In February 2019, you’ll be able to collect your own force of these gribbly monstrosities. For Kings of War players, we’ll be releasing an army and mega army set to get you started, along with some brand new models to reinforce them.

The Nightstalker Amy set includes load of core troops to get you started with the force. There are 40 Hard Plastic Scarecrows (who can also be built as magical ranged unit known as Spectres), 5 Shadowhounds, 3 Butchers, a Horror, and a Shade. The army shown is 805 points – a great way to start from scratch or build up your Vanguard force into a Kings of War Army. Speaking of Vanguard, both of these army sets make use of the PVC plastic Vanguard miniatures (such as the Shadowhounds and Reapers), combined with new resin parts/models to add some variety. The upshot of this is that in each set you get a couple of ‘spare’ miniatures – not enough build a regiment in their own right, but perfect to add to another unit or become part of a Vanguard Warband.

The Mega Army is for the more serious contender who wants to field a massive horde of Nightstalkers. The army pictured comes in at a whopping 1,305 points packed with a variety of units from the Horror Riftweavers to the betentacled Terror. If you wanted to expand this up to a full 2,000 force, simply add a Nightstalkers Faction Booster from Vanguard. This will bring in another 540 points, putting you a couple of magic items or spells short of that points total.

If you’re looking to expand your brand new army, we have you covered with even more disgusting releases. The Scarecrow and Spectres will be available as a horde set of 40 miniatures, allowing you to add more core troops to your army and unlock those monsters. You’ll also be able to pick up Needlefang Swarms, Fiends, and the gigantic mutated cyclops known as a Shadowhulk (complete with hideous sewn-up eyelids!). Finally, the Terror will also be available separately, for those of you who have strong stomachs when it comes to painting miniatures.

Even if you aren’t a Nightstalkers player, 2019 is set to a be a great year for Kings of War from the outset. Clash of Kings 2019 has now left the building and is in the hands of players across the world. This almighty tome adds a slew of new units to factions, letting you field some of the new Vanguard releases in your games of Kings of War. Here’s a quick run down of some of the cool stuff you can field:

Of course, that isn’t all! Inspired by the new (huge!) Giant, we’ve created a new unit entry that suits this miniature’s size. We’ve also gone on to add new stat-lines for the larger versions of other monsters – so you can now choose to field the smaller one (with the exceptional base rule) or take advantage of the stronger unit entry if you are using the official miniatures. There are new rules for the

  • Giant (Colossal Giant)
  • High Paladin on Dragon (High Paladin on Elder Dragon)
  • Elven Dragon Kindred Lord (Elven Mystical Dragon Kindred Lord)
  • Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Iron-Caster on Greater Winged Halfbreed (Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Iron-Caster on Ancient Winged Halfbreed)
  • Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher (Krudger on Ancient Winged Slasher)
  • Undead Revenant King on Undead Wyrm (Undead Revenant King on Undead Great Burrowing Wyrm)
  • Undead Vampire on Undead Dragon (Undead Vampire on Undead Elder Dragon)

This just scratches the surface of what Clash of Kings 2019 brings to the table and we have much more planned for the rest of the year, including Basileans, more new units and a lot of things that I am not allowed to tell you about… drat!

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