12 Days of Christmas: North American Events!

Allright, allright, allright and ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  We’re coming up on a New Year and we wanted to give you guys an outline on what we’ve got planned for North America for 2019.

First of all we’re going to increase the taxes on tea, second we’re going to increase our involvement with the colonies.  After that we will bring back the Sugar Act, Quartering Act and Currency Act……wait….this is the 2020 agenda…..

Ahem….so what we have planned for 2019 for our North American Events.


Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

March 22 – 24th should have us at C2E2.  With the release of Hellboy the board game and Here’s Negan, we think it time to share some of the goodness with the comic fans too.


March 27th – 31st brings us to our first show in the states.  This is one if not our biggest show.  Not only will be be debuting Hellboy, we’ll have more more model lines to add to Vanguard and Kings of War.  Don’t worry Deadzone, Warpath, and The Walking Dead will be there in full swing.

Event wise, AdeptiCon is where we hold all the National Championships. We’ll be having the first Vanguard National Championship on Friday followed by Deadzone National Championship.  Saturday will see the NADC Dreadball National Championship.  Saturday will also start the 2019 Clash of Kings to determine the National Champion who, if his or her army qualifies, will be flown to England to compete in the UK National Championship.  The 2019 USA CoK will have the UK’s National Champion Dominic Staveacre as well as the notorious Nick Williams coming to take the opportunity away!

So don’t miss out and don’t let the English steal the American title!!


Little Wars

April 25th – 28th will have us at Little Wars which is held at the Westin in Lombard, IL.  This will be just a vendor event for us so please stop buy and great the latest April releases.



Look out East coast!  Here we come to HistoriCon on July 10th – 14th. This too will most likely be a vendor event but there are plans to hold a Deadzone, Vanguard and Kings of War tournaments and for you Masters players the Kings of War tournament might be a qualifier event.


Gen Con

August 1st – 4th brings is to the Best four Days of Gaming! Indianapolis here we come for the 5th straight year.  This is by far our biggest attended show so we pull out all the stops with the new hotness as well as host a plethora of event that cover just about all our systems from Kings of War to Star Saga.


PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged will close us out for the year.  After a year hiatus we will be returning to the City of Brotherly Love and crush some cheesesteak.  After that come by and grab some great stuff at the booth.  This will be our second stop on the East Coast tour.  See you then!

So that the year is a nutshell. As always these event are subject to change but don’t worry we’ll be at an event near you soon!

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