12 Days of Christmas: Pathfinders!

Hi Martin here, 2018 has been a brilliant year for our Pathfinder program and we are currently recruiting!

Pathfinders are Mantic’s army of excited and energetic demo and event volunteers. Each Pathfinder is a Mantic ambassador – a volunteer who has kindly given up their time to spread the word of Mantic in stores, clubs and events. They are available to our retailers to help with their events and to help promote our products in their stores.

Launched almost 10 years ago it’s been through several iterations and seen plenty of people go from Pathfinders to full blown Mantic employees. 

Our Head of Studio Matt Gilbert was a former Pathfinder, Elvis was a Pathfinder and is now our Web Manager and Dave was also a former Pathfinder and is now badgering away in the studio and supporting the Marketing team!

But I also wanted you to hear from a couple of current Pathfinders. Ben from the UK and Shane from the USA. Over you you chaps…

Hi, Pathfinder Ben here. To me, being a Pathfinder is about being proactive and getting more involved in the games I enjoy. The core focus of the programme is to demo Mantic’s games to the wider community, and using one’s enthusiasm to grow the player base. More players = a more lively scene = more fun for everyone involved!

When and where Pathfinders provide demos is a blend of planned Mantic activity and self-determination. This  helps to ensure that being a Pathfinder never feels like a job. If you prefer doing demos at shows and conventions you can sign up to help out on the stands; if you prefer ‘mixing with the locals’ you can organise your own demo days at gaming shops. I always operate on the basis reciprocal relationships, so if I was expected to provide demos left, right and centre with nothing in return I certainly wouldn’t put in as much effort as I do!

As recompense for Pathfinders’ efforts, Mantic provide a set amount of credits per demo event you do. These credits can then be used to either purchase Mantic products or back Mantic Kickstarters, both of which help towards every gamer’s goal of building the largest pile of unpainted plastic possible.

On top of this, though, Pathfinders also get occasional cheeky perks like sneak peeks of upcoming releases and interactions inherent in being a Pathfinder mean you get to know the guys at HQ on a more personal basis.

All in all it’s a cracking laugh and a good way to take your gaming to the next level!

Frantic Gamer Ben

Hi Pathfinder Shane here!

Being a pathfinder. It started out as a goal of bringing DreadBall into our local gaming store. Pretty simple. But as I fell in love with more and more of Mantic’s games, I began to spread into games like Deadzone, Mars Attacks, and now, Vanguard. We gathered a small and growing community of fans. I started a FB group to make events and communication easier. Suddenly, It became a community building joy. Every new player looped in, a new opponent, and friend. I have overseen other game events before, but Mantic seems to attract some of the greatest people.

It went from me and a few friends trying to grow a community, to having a huge group of friends who love the games we bring to the table each week!


Pathfinders are exuberant people who are passionate about Mantic. They are tasked with being infectious and building excitement in customers. They do this through:

  • Getting them to play our great range of games.
  • Showing them how great our miniatures are, and that they can be used in all manner of Fantasy and Science Fiction games!
  • Introduce the notion to people that there is an affordable high quality alternative miniature range available to them.

Mantic is always looking for excited individuals who love to spread the Mantic message. In 2019 we want to expand the scheme and recruit more passionate individuals.  If you are interested in showing people Mantic models and games then please send an email to Pathfinders@manticgames.com and we will get back to you with more information!

If this sounds like something you’d like to get behind, then get your email to us soon!

Cheers, Martin

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