12 Days of Christmas: TerrainCrate

Back in the distant mists of time (2015) we released Dungeon Saga, a board game that harked back to the dungeon crawlers of the past. The game itself was hugely popular and continues to sell out even today. However, one of the surprise successes on the back of Dungeon Saga was how popular the 3D fantasy scenery was. The game came with dungeon doors and scenery, which we sold separately and constantly kept selling out.

Dungeon Debris

The popularity of the scenery got us thinking – if these few bits have been successful, what about making an entire range of fantasy terrain and scenery? Boom! TerrainCrate was born. This range of PVC plastic fantasy scenery gave everyone the chance to create the dungeon of their dreams or a battlefield that you’d be proud to fight over. From a Wizard’s Study to a campsite, TerrainCrate helped us to launch a massive range of scenery.

As well as being a popular Kickstarter, TerrainCrate has also been massively successful at retail. In fact, demand has been so high, we’ve been re-ordering stock since it was launched. What’s more, we were able to release a retail exclusive set (the Town Centre) and produce the Dungeon Starter Set. This contains not only a load of scenery to kit out your dungeon but also some great miniatures and a giant freakin’ dragon. You can see Ronnie excitedly unboxing it below.


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Ronnie unboxes the Dungeon Starter Set

It also brought Mantic Games to a whole new audience. We’re already well known for our super miniatures and amazingly fun games among the wargaming and board gaming community. However, with TerrainCrate we’ve found a whole new bunch of fans among roleplayers. It’s been great to see loads of TerrainCrate scenery being used in Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder. And we’re sure it’ll be used in the recently announced Kings of War RPG too ?

Abandoned Mine

So far, we’ve released a whole bunch of TerrainCrate sets but we’re not done yet. From March you’ll be able to get the remaining sets from the original Kickstarter, including the awesome Abandoned Mine and Temple, among others.


Well, we always like to save something special to end our 12 Days of Christmas blogs – and this year is no different. Today, we’re very happy to announce that TerrainCrate 2 will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

Following the release of TerrainCrate, we’ve been inundated with suggestions from the community about extra pieces of scenery we should make. From modern, post-apocalyptic scenery to WWII bunkers and spooky mansions, the scope of ideas was absolutely massive. Plus, we wanted to go back and fill in some of the gaps from the original dungeon offering, with pieces like beds, bathroom fittings, a kitchen, etc. The list quickly became so massive that we realised we would need an equally massive Kickstarter to really do it justice.

Unlike the first campaign, which focused solely on fantasy pieces, TerrainCrate 2 will do things a little differently. We’ve got some key themes in each of the crates that will mix together very nicely and find a home in loads of board games, RPGs and wargames. Plus, once again, it’ll all be made in hard-wearing PVC plastic.

We’re planning to have four Crates on the Kickstarter, including Gothic Estate, Modern Life, Occupied Town and Abandoned Village (all names TBC). Across these four Crates, we’re going to cover a load of different periods, settings and uses. What’s more, if you want to pick up four Crates (and who wouldn’t) there will be a great all-in deal during the Kickstarter.

Of course, plenty of the pieces will perfectly complement our existing TerrainCrate range so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

We’re going to be sharing plenty more TerrainCrate information in the weeks to come, so make sure you’re signed up to the Mantic newsletter and keep your eye on our Facebook page.

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