Just the briefest of posts to document some of the terrain pieces that can be seen in the earlier episodes of this themed month.  ‘Combatzone Scenery’ produce a range of resin, impregnated plaster pieces to compliment the Imperial Assault boards.  They are simple and durable, but have the added advantage of making the table pop!
For ease, I simply airbrushed mine a base colour that I felt matched the illustrations on the board pieces and then just added a series of washes and drybrushed effects until they took on a semblance of desert rocks or moisture vaporators. 
Fortunately, the desert world of Tatooine is a tough, unforgiving place and so rough and ready doesn’t seem to look out of place, at least that is what I told myself anyway!
The problem with these pieces is that there are as addictive to buy as the booster packs and I am currently in a battle with my willpower over whether or not I ned the Smuggler’s Hideout set!
The pieces on show are from the Desert Skirmish set and the Cantina Skirmish set, although I haven’t got round to doing the bar set.

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