14th (Duchess of York’s Own) Light Dragoons

This week (well since Tuesday) I’ve managed to find time to knock out the first cavalry unit for the Peninsular War project. 

I chose to do the 14th Light Dragoons for the British for two reasons. Firstly, it fought throughout the War, from the 2nd Battle of Porto in May 1809 to the Battle of Toulouse in April 1814. Secondly, it has orange distinctions (cuffs and collar), and I particularly like orange and blue together.

The figures are a Front Rank ‚battalion pack‘. They are painted in enamels. The flag is that for the second squadron, chosen over that for the first squadron because it has an orange field; it is by GMB. 

Basing is two figures per stand. Bases have a 45 mm frontage and are 60 mm deep – for me this has become the ideal size for two cavalry figures on a single base as it prevents ‚figure clash‘ in all directions.

All in all I think they came out O.K.

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