15mm BPM Pak 38

15mm BPM Pak 38

 The Pak 38 is one of the iconic Afrika Corps AT weapons. I already have a couple for use in Europe and Russia, but I wanted to get some dedicated ones for the desert. Nearly all the German motorised battalions had them in their heavy companies, and they were also standard issue in the towed AT battalions. 

I ordered a pair of resin ones from BPM. They are very inexpensive.

They are exquisite models, the resin produces very sharp details indeed. These are as good as injection moulded plastic and a million times better than the standard quality APL prints. They have much smaller wheels than my metal QRF Pak 38s and look are more like the real gun (or at least like the one in the IWM).

No assembly is required, and they just got my standard two coats of Iraqi Sand over a grey undercoat with an inkwash in between and a final highlight of Pale Sand. 

Low slung and lethal. The crews are a mixture of PP and PSC gunners, in the usual polyglot shades of green and sand for DAK uniforms. The guns will also do for the Regimental AT companies of infantry units in 1944, many of which had Pak 38s instead of Pak 40s. 

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