15mm Desert Pocket Armies - German Stage One

15mm Desert Pocket Armies – German Stage One

 Having painted some 15mm Brits for the desert, obviously they need some opponents. Now, I did also buy the stuff for an Italian pocket army, but really it has to be Germans first doesn’t it? I’ve done a fair few 6mm Italian vs British games, so more vs the Germans would be good.

Like the British, a smallish Neil Thomas type army to get started (albeit rather bigger than the one suggested in Introduction to Wargaming!). Also just like the British, I bought far too much stuff for Stage One, so ended up only doing some of it.
The foot elements are very similar to the British. A dozen bases of actual infantry, plus some HQs, mortars, MGs, engineers etc and a few single figures with binoculars to act as FOOs or leaders.
I’ll go through them in more detail in the ongoing modelling thread of posts. Suffice to say that painting the ‚uniforms‘ was a bit of a challenge, although I’ve tried to get the proportions of different shades in line with those in typical photographs. I also know some DAK re-enactors and have an old DAK uniform myself, so I’ve got some idea what shades the olive green items fade to, or can be encouraged to with bleach.  

Some panzers. Not quite as many tanks as the British have, as the Germans very sensibly stuck with just a few types of vehicles. A Pz II, two Pz IIIs and a Pz IV, exactly as suggested as the ‚representative panzer company‘ by Bruce Quarrie in his DAK book. I’ve wanted to do one of those since the 1970s, and here it is with the great bonus I didn’t have to scratch build the Panzer II or convert the Pz IIIs from Stugs. Yes, they are all different colours. 
More of those in the modelling posts in due course.

The artillery has a rather different mix to the British. I’ve already got some yellowish 105s, SP SiG, Marders, 75mm LeIG etc which will do, so I focussed on AT guns. A pair of Pak 36 and a pair of Pak 38. DAK also had a lot of flak, and my unarmoured SP Flak is in panzer grey, so I got a couple of Sdkfz 10/4, which will also come in useful for my late war Germans.

Some transport to get going. I’ve already got some Italian lorries, so they will do if needed. Here is just one Opel Blitz, a couple of Sdkfz 11 and some blokes on motorcycles.
I didn’t bother with any other recce apart from the motorcycles as I have yellowish armoured cars already.

HQ stuff. A PP Granit ambulance done as a command bus, a kubelwagen and this rather nice resin command version of an Sdkfz 251.
As with the British, I’ve got some unpainted stuff to add to this – some more lorries and tanks, plus a couple of Heavy Cars which I will do for Stage Two. I’ve also got a surplus of field grey soft transport, so I’ll repaint some of them too.
Anyway, that is plenty to be getting on with and I have enough stuff to actually be able to play a game with now.

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