15mm Human Adventurers classic 1980’s by Asgard Miniatures renewed

15mm Human Adventurers classic 1980’s by Asgard Miniatures renewed

Our expansion of the original Asgard 15mm Renaissance line has doubled its size to now 300 poses from late 15th Century to 16th Century and 17th Century. It also included new scatter scenics and the rule system Furioso. But this is not all there is to 15mm scale from Asgard oh no! There is an array of fantasy miniatures which are total classics ideal for skirmishing and quick play on any game system. 

The Tabletop 15mm Fantasy Range contains all of the restored Asgard codes in that scale too. These are larger 15mm scale and go excellently with the Renaissance miniatures as well as our mighty HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and match up to HOF 15mm Science Fiction poses. 

A chance encounter with FM66 Large Troll (by Nick Bibby) a miniature which can work in any scale sees the adventurers in combat. As well as magic users and fighters there are also two Barbarians and a great Pack Mule as well. Singles (within the Packs), Packs and a value skirmish set containing all poses. 
The HOT 15mm Fantasy range contains a great many different monsters and behemoths but few match up to HOT35 Giant Hydra which gives your party a beast which will take some conquering. 
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GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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