15mm Sharp Practice Pirates

Another very interesting article and set of scenarios popped up in the TFL Xmas Special this year, focussing on Sharp Practice and pirates. The rules adaptations and army lists are by Chris Stoesen, who has also written material for Bag the Hun, amongst other things. He has used 15mm Peter Pig figures for his games, which jogged my memory as I have a big stash of these in a box along with three or four resin pirate ships, all of which I acquired via eBay many, many years ago.
I’ve done quite a bit of pirate gaming in 28mm and also fiddled about with 1/350th scale pirate ship skirmishes a while back, using the Peter Pig ships and Galleys and Galleons (I really should paint up the models and have another go at this). Anyway, I really liked the piratical scenarios that Chris has written for Sharp Practice and quite fancy giving them a try with the 15mm figures, especially as I’m never, ever going to do 28mm Napoleonics or the like!

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