#2 – King Gustav I of Sweden 1523 – WIP

Here comes short update on th 28mm mini that looks like the Swedish King Gustav I Eriksson from the House of Vasa that my matey Sören, that runs the Eagle of Empire miniatures, has decided to let
eBob miniatures make. Here a picture of the latest progress.

As you might notice the King have a special haircut that we nowardays call „Gustav Vasa Frisyr“ (Gustav Vasa Haircut) here in Sweden.

It might have been popular back in the 16th century, but not as much nowardays even as some people call i the „Dalmas haircut“ (Dalecarlian Haircut). I can garantee that I, even as I´m from the dalecarlia region, never have had a Dalicarlian Haircut.

Some Examples of „Gustav Vasa Haircut/Dalecarlian Haircut“, firt is a cut from a Painting of the King 1540.

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