2017 in Review

It’s been a not bad year, if somewhat uneven on the gaming front. I’ve had months of lots of games and lots of productivity interspersed with months  of gaming drought.

I did a rough tally by going through the blog and came up with these figures:

  • 28mm painted  -135
  • 15mm painted- 171
  • Vehicles painted -9
  • Terrain – two big hills, grain fields, garden plots, siege lines, scatter terrain, two SF buildings, markers for CoC and DR.
  • Games played 16 or 17? I didn’t blog them all so it’s a best guess
  • Attended two games days/cons other than Hotlead 

So not bad really.

    By staying focused I’ve managed to paint much of the figures I bought this year. So the lead pile has only grown a little bit. And in between projects I’ve knocked a few things off of my mental „to do“ and the lead pile.
    Being willing to play solo helped get more games in.

    Job and personal life are all going really well. My income is back up to pre-crash levels so I can do things like jump on a good sale and start a new project or yesterday I could buy the rest of the Crescent Root buildings before they went out of production. Which is nice. I’ve never been able to do that before.

    I think I’ll continue my vague „not really a plan, plan.“ Try to play more variety. Add some armour and guns and terrain to my WW2 Soviets. Finish the elves. Finish my asteroid base, some more colony buildings and do lots of science fiction gaming. In between try to knock a few more figures off of the colonial medieval SYW and WW2 lead piles. That’s probably enough for now.

    So as long our public leaders don’t cock it all up I’m very hopeful for this year.

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