2017 is ending and 2018 beginning with ten percent off everything!

Thank you so much everyone for such an excellent Christmas and as the new born year of 2018 reaches us and ushers out the old year of 2017 Alternative Armies is celebrating with ten percent (10%) off literally everything on our website.  Site wide there is ten percent off every code and product and another ten percent off all bundles and divisions.  This includes all books and all digital downloads as well as all pro-painted options too.  Everything on the website.  Have a browse and join us in new year joy. Go HERE.  
It would take me an age to tell you all about what we have at Alternative Armies from the mighty and vast Flintloque range to the big ranges of 28mm fantasy as well as lots of 15mm scale ranges plus classics such as Laserburn and contenders like Grinning Skull and Sengoku not to mention Loud Ninja Games and Ganesha Games too.  We have two dozen wargame titles in print and as downloads.  
The best thing to do is to go along to our home page and then to look at the sections along its top from New Releases to Digital Downloads and then on into the World of Valon.  From there the drop down menus, when you hover over them and then click on the one you want, for 28mm Fantasy (including Fantasy Warlord) and then Ganesha Games before Our Other Ranges (lots in there new and classic, hundreds of miniatures including Erin and 6mm sci-fi) and then onto all of the 15mm scale ranges by genre with Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction each with collections within them.  Lastly scroll right down to the bottom of the front page and click on the Events and Collected Bundles for the best value on the site.  Go HERE.
This offer runs until the end of the 2nd of January 2018 when it will automatically cease and revert to normal. Shipping options remain as normal with standard mail and airmail or signed for option. Select during checkout as normal.  We will start shipping orders around the 5th of January but we will be prepping for them from the 3rd (including the Big Mouth Beast bundle pre-orders).  We love our work!
Welcome to the New Year!

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