28mm 7th Century Northumbrian

More re basing done, this time a small force of Northumbrians (had to be didn’t it) from around about the 7th century. I got these lads form another fellow already painted to a fashion, not a great fashion it has to be said but a fashion non the less! so with a bit tarting up and re basing I think they will do, at a stretch to oppose the late Romans that I posted last time.
Now I know there will be some guys out there who will say Ohhh noooo the original Saxons didn’t look like that, smaller shields etc. I know, your right but when I read though the Warlord chronicles that’s how I pictured the Saxons, of course when I then read the later Saxon stories series that’s how I pictured the Northumbrians as well – Doh!
What the heck they are how they are, I don’t care and I don’t care if anyone else cares, here’s the pictures:

Now it has to be said that I did not re base these during Christmas,
1. I’m not that sad.
2 My wife would have killed me!
Have a great whatever is left of your Christmas break dear reader and a most peaceful New Year.
Bugger, noticed that the command stands haven’t got their die holders on, I ran out so I’m off to do that now, Bye.

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