28mm French Napoleonic Line Infantry

My current obsession with Napoleonic wargaming lead me to not just 6mm large scale battles, but also 28mm skirmishes. I decided I could do both as the skirmish style game could use my existing 28mm scale terrain maybe with a couple of C19th pieces thrown in.

I looked around for rules and found Songs of Drums and Shakos for the skirmish size. These suited me just fine as they only require about a dozen models, will fit in on a 3ft x 3ft board and seem quick but clever.

With that in mind, even before starting on my 6mm adventure, I’d bought a box of Perry plastic French Line Infantry. With the 6mm stuff stalled requiring extra supplies and having an SDS game booked for a few weeks time I thought it would be a good plan to start painting up my French.

I’ve just completed the first 5 models. I’ve greatly enjoyed painting these. As usual the Perry miniatures are top-notch, with superb detail. I’m really happy with them and will move on to paint the remaining 7 models I need as soon as I’ve finished writing this blog article!

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