2mm ECW One Hour Wargames Tweaks

2mm ECW One Hour Wargames Tweaks


I’ve been fiddling about with this set of variant rules for the English Civil War based on the One Hour Wargames system. These are designed for 6mm so I will be halving the ranges and using centimetres instead of inches for starters. I’m also going to re badge the Parliamentarian cavalry as „trotters‘ to represent early war ‚lobster‘ type horse, while the Royalist cavalry will be ‚Gallopers‘. A more contentious change will be to get rid of the bonus for road movement, on the basis that roads were probably more of an obstacle than an advantage, having read accounts of the war in Cornwall, while also being auqward to use with my regiment sized bases. 
Gallopers‘ and Trotters

An addition to the rules will be a ‚random events‘ roll that I wil bolt on to the turn sequence, with both positive and negative outcomes, at least some of which may be a bit tongue in cheek. I may use cards for this, as I really like card based things and it makes the system flexible. Finally, I’m thinking of some sort of command bonus add on, with particular commanders being able to boost or hamper their units abilities, along with some sort of basic campaign mechanism to allow for linked scenarios. Phew!

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