2mm English Civil War Basing Bodge

2mm English Civil War Basing Bodge


I was assembling some 1/2400th 74’s this afternoon but the super glue was playing silly buggers due to the heat, so I only managed to build one of them before having to pack it in. Instead, I dug out the 2mm Irregular Miniatures blocks and had another fiddle about with basing, this time trying 25mm x 50mm, which gives more space for the larger pike blocks and also allows for a base label along the back edge. I quite like this compared to the 20mm x 40mm size bases I originally thought of using. Here we have a three company pike and shot regiment, a four company pike and shot regiment with attached light gun, an artillery battery of sakers, a regiment of armoured trotters and two bases of dragoons, one dismounted and the other on horse back. I think I’ll get these based and base textured, ready for some trial  painting, as soon as I can find the time.

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