#3 – King Gustav I of Sweden 1523 – WIP

One more update on th 28mm mini of the Swedish King Gustav I Eriksson from the House of Vasa that my matey Sören, that runs the Eagle of Empire miniatures, has decided to let
eBob miniatures make. Below some pictures of the stunning minis, might be some details left.

The mini are based on a painting from a 1909 painting by the famous Swedish painter Carl Larsson, the painting are made in true nationalistic style.

The Carl Larsson painting are 7 meter by 14 meter and have been displayed at the „Nationalmuseum“Swedish art and design Museum, but the museum has been closed for Renovation for some years and will be re-opened in the autum of 2018.

The painting are depicting when King Gustav Vasa enters the Swedish capital Stockholm after he have won the Swedeish war of Liberationin 1523. But the arms and armour that painter Carl larson have depicted the King in was an armour made by Kunz Lochner in Nürnberg in 1540.

You might have noticed the helmet the King has in his hand, that to are assumed to have been made by Kunz Lochner in Nürnberg in 1540, as well as at least one more helmet that was delivered at the same time, there was also one or two one and a half handed Swords (132cm long) delivered to the King, and it was most probably never used in combat. The armour and helmets are keept at the Swedish Armoury at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

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