40K - Deathwing Knight

40K – Deathwing Knight

This is the Miniature of the Month from Games Workshop for April 2024! I have no idea why I painted it up before ALL THE OTHER THINGS!? I guess it was something different and relatively easy to do! 

Deathwing Knight 

I don’t really know anything about Deathwing Knights… I guess they are terminators of the elite First Company of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter (which is referred to as the Deathwing)?

It seems crazy that they were giving these away! The minatures are usually in a box set of five (plus a teleport homer and… some other little marker minaitures) for $85CAD!? it’s basically a $15-16 miniature?! I guess it gets people into their stores! 

So far, I’ve picked up this, a Neurogaunt, and a ghoul Free Minis. Haven’t painted the ghoul yet, but I probably will when I get to painting the Skinnerkin warband from Wintermaw! (Which may be sooner rather than later… as they look like they’d be really easy to knock out! I just have to try and match the skin tone to the Grymmwatch!)

Not sure when I’d ever use this Deathwing Knight…? I guess it could show up somewhere in a Wrath & Glory game, I guess!? It would probably be an NPC… not sure there are archetypes for Terminators…? But maybe there are? A marine that upgrades to Terminator Armour? Can you do that?! it’s been a while since I looked at those roles. Definitely Tier 4 or 5. I’m not really interested in running games at that Tier level… so… NPC… maybe dropped in to save the day if some situation goes totally sideways! 

Still struggling to finish up a warband this week… and never did get one done last week… and feeling a bit bummed out by that – I totally thought it was a very reasonable goal… Ah, well.. I get to them when I get to them!

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