40K Kill Team - Kroot Farstalker Kinband

40K Kill Team – Kroot Farstalker Kinband

 This week I decided I should really assemble all the 40K Kill Teams I have and prep them for painting and, y’know, maybe PAINT some of them!? And I did that. Well, I started. I assembled and painted the Kroot Farstalker Kinband from Kill Team: Into the Dark – the first of the Gallowdark series of Kill Team boxes. 

Gallowdark is a Space Hulk – a bunch of derelict voidships that have been smashed together to form a gigantic mass the size of a moon, floating through space. It is also the setting for the latest series of Kill Team boxes – and include boards and terrain to make up rooms and corridors of the interior of a space hulk. 

Embarrassingly, this is the first Kill Team I’ve actually COMPLETED of all the boxes I’ve bought from the new edition!? (And I’ve bought a LOT of them!?) I did assemble and prime and partly painted three of the others (The Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guard and Ork Kommandos from Octarius, and the Tau Pathfinders from Chalnath).

(and I’ve painted NONE of the terrain that came with any of the boxes!?)

(Heck, I STILL haven’t painted ALL of the Kill Teams and terrain from the PREVIOUS edition!?) 

(and yet, I STILL want to get the next one they just announced!? I mean, Squats Leagues of Votann and Beastmen!? How can I NOT!?) 

It is a bit ridiculous… 

Kroot Farstalker Kinband Kill Team 

Not the most pretty figures I’ve even painted… but they’re DONE! (and they’re not for me, anyway – they’re Finnegans!) I knocked these out very quickly with contrast paints. I don’t LOVE the way they look. And… they are a bit quicker to paint… but not THAT much quicker… I largely did them this way so they’d match the OTHER KROOT I previously painted for Finnegan a few years ago (except for, y’know, the bases!?). 

Ahahkkhe Gabt – Kroot Kill Broker – the leader of the Kinband

Tahra’grakh Drr’rr and Ahocda Pre’lek, the Stalker and Cut-skin

Doakh’ka Prok, Draak Ghoko, and Bakor’ab Garoch. 

Doakh’ka and Bakor’ab are warriors, Draak is a Cold-Blood

Byahk Chorka and Krrob’yo Yrr’dk, Bow Hunder and Pistolier

Khor’tcha Cho’yar and Ghorek Rrok, Longsight and Heavy Gunner (with Dvorgite Skinner)

(I think…) 

The goodest hounds in the universe: Tcho and Cheh – Oh yes they are! Oh yes they are! Who wants a treat!? 

Finnegan is wrapping up his first year of university in a few weeks, I’m hoping over the summer break I can convince him to play a few games of Kill Team with his new Kinband… which I am hoping will motivate me to paint MORE Kill Teams (and some of this space ship interior terrain!?) 

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