40K - Tallarn Infantry

40K – Tallarn Infantry

 Since picking up the new Astra Militarum codex last month, I’ve been doing a lot of rebasing and reorganizing and planning and trying to figure out how best I could potentially make use of the RIDICULOUS numbers Imperial Guard miniatures I have. This is all mental masturbations because, realistically, when am I EVER going to actually PLAY Warhammer 40k again!? 



So, best to BE PREPARED, right!? 

In the midst of all that, a fellow on the Saskatchewan Miniatures! Facebook Group invited members to join in a 30 Miniatures in 30 Days Challenge in March (which I thought was odd, considering March has 31 days… nevertheless…). As there were LOTS of Tallarn I was wanting to paint to finish up a few units, I thought I’d jump in on that – to help motivate me to finish up some of these Tallarn. 

Of course, the smarter thing would have been to paint up Guaiacan Commandoes, as there are fewer of those needed to be painted to COMPLETELY FINISH THAT ENTIRE FORCE, but no one ever accused me of doing things the smart way and I see no reason to start that now… 

Here is the first batch of miniatures painted for that competition. 

Nine Tallarn Infantry. 

These individuals were meant to finish for three different squads… and I was planning to include pictures of all three full squads… but then realized I also needed three Heavy Weapon Teams and one trooper with a special weapon for those squads… 

Ah, well…  

So those will be the next things I’m finishing up (along with an officer and some troopers for Platoon Command Squads) as that will finish up, not only the three Infantry Squads, but also an ENTIRE COMPANY! 

The company will consist of three platoons of three Infantry Squads and a Platoon Command Squad. I’m also very nearly finished three Mortar Teams, which will also mean I’ve finished up a third Heavy Weapons Squad – all armed with Mortars. 

Stay tuned for a few more of these shortly!

(Maybe I’ll get to those Guaiacans in April…) 

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