40K - Tallarn Mortar Teams

40K – Tallarn Mortar Teams

 Not technically part of the March 2023 Thirty Miniatures in Thirty Days Challenge – because I’d started them BEFORE the beginning of March… but done nonetheless! 

Three more Tallarn Mortar Teams forming a Heavy Weapon Squad. 

I think I started these YEARS ago – around the time I painted the first two – but didn’t NEED them at the time and needed to get other things finished for the first Battleforce Recon Tournament I went to (which also happened to be the first 40K tournament I ever went to as well!?)… and that was FIVE YEARS AGO!? (Thank you Covid Time Warp for that jarring shake to my brain!?)

All Three Tallarn Mortar-Armed Heavy Weapon Squads. 

I do like mortar teams. They’re very handy in that they can fire over the HORDES of infantry that take up so much space on the table and often get in each others way. can be parked behind terrain and remain relatively safe the whole game while just continuing to hammer the enemy all throughout the game. Also, if strategically located, they do a pretty good job of making it very good job of blocking deep striking units from dropping in behind your lines.

I have piles and PILES of other heavy weapon teams as well… I think I have enough for nearly three heavy weapon SQUADS armed with Heavy Bolters, Autocanons, and Lascannons. Like, each. THREE Squads of Heavy Bolters (9 teams), etc.. It’s a bit ridiculous – especially considering, I think, for tournaments you can only have a maximum of three of any one type of unit (other than troops)…? So I could only ever have three Heavy Weapons Squads… Which I already have here, now… I suppose I’ll eventually paint them all up – just to have them (as „options“)…?

I have a few missile teams, special weapons gunners and an officer to finish up next which will finish off a few more Infantry Squads and Platoon Command Squads. 

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