6mm Napoleonic British – Part 1

The napoleonic era drew my interest ever since I started playing historical wargames. Whyle most of our local gamers play this period in 28mm there was never a real reason for me to start an army. The type of uniforms in this time are of such detail that painting a lot (and you need a lot) in this scale is just insane, especially because I always wanted to field a british highland brigade. Therefore the idea was shutdown in the planning phase. But a fellow gamer came to me with the brilliant idea to just go with 6mm instead of 28 for playing Warlord Games Black Powder.

With this scale we not only could field more troops for less money, its also much easier to paint. Some people may now say that 6mm is more insane than the bigger scales because painting those small minis will lead to mental instability, but its just a matter of perspective. Yes they are tiny but they lack most of the details 28mm got and you dont need to highlight colours (you could but well…nope). In the end painting 6mm scale is just priming drybrushing and painting dots and lines. Smaller details like the tartan of the Kilt or the checker pattern on the bonnets could be painted on but I just washed it with the relevant colour to give a hint on details which could be there. Remember this is a mass army nobody will take a spyglass, looking at single miniatures.

Black Watch line infantry forming a square

I started painting my 4 Line regiments of british Highlanders (42nd regiment of foot). Next up are 4 regiments of heavy dragoons (Scots Greys) one light infantry regiment,  one grenadier regiment (both from the 42nd aswell) and 4 cannons from the foot artillery. I´m now again up to paint my nemesis … damn horses… but at least I could paint the Scots Greys as they are pictured on old paintings. Riding nothing but grey horses, so at least that will be a bit more satisfying to paint.

All miniatures are from Baccus 6mm napoleonic range. They got incredible nice details for that kind of scale. My friend got himself some Austrians from the same manufacturer so our games will maybe get a bit ahistorical ?

Stay tuned.


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