7TV Post Apocalyptic Event Part 2

7TV Post Apocalyptic Event Part 2

Just an update really. Been a busy month and things have not progress as fast as I would of liked. Lord Humungus’s Wartruck is steadily getting there. I’ve done some bits of painting on the figures but nothing is finished yet.

I’ve added the truck floor and added some skirts for the wheels.  I’ve also added in a ram/plate to the front. Still not sure about adding on victims to the front. 
The engine block has been tidied and glued in place. As you can see I can still fit on a driver and 2 passengers.

I’ve build the rear part and assembled a spoiler. Next up is to trim out the sides of the rear section. Then do add in some piping and other detail bits.
Mean while I’ve also been cleaning up tons of Fantasy minis for the 7TV event in February next year. Won’t be painting any of these for a while as I am not sure what theme I’m going to follow. 

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