A Few Trees More...

A Few Trees More…

In my last post you saw my temporary detour into the realms of Fantasy. However, as I was setting up the photos I came across a couple of figures that I’d forgotten about (it’s more likely, I deliberately tried to forget about them). These figures are a some tree-man things. They are made by Mantic but I’m not sure what they’re called. I’m calling them: Tree-kin.

What happened with these is that I saw them online and I though they looked great. So I ordered them and when they arrived they were a pain in the butt to put together because they needed pinning and stuff. So I thought: Bugger them! And I put them back in their box and forgot about them. But I found them again last week and after having another look at them they started to make sense, so I put them together and, as you can see, I got to painting them.

They really are great figures and once I started doing them I really got into it and tried to make them look as nice as they really deserved. They are pretty hefty lumps of metal and they’ll look great with the rest of my woodland Faerie Army. I’m even beginning to think that with these, my big ent/treeman and the dryads, I could almost make an all tree based army. I do have a few other things I could add to them such as giant worms, giant beetles etc… 

Also, here’s a photo with a regular 28mm gentleman to give you an idea of their size. This little chap is the Spanish Governor; Don h’Emmingo, my pirate gaming alter ego from several years back. 

Don h’Emmingo at one of our Pirate Mega Games (sans moustache!)
The Spanish Port to my left and the Kraken emerging from the depths to my right.

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