A Fistful of Lead: Viva la Revolucion!

Jaye Wiley has just published a scenario supplement for A Fistful of Lead: Reloaded based on the Mexican Revolution. This neatly combines one of my favourite sets of rules with one of my favourite historical conflicts. How neat is that! 

I will now, at long last, have a set of decent skirmish rules to use with the Shellhole Scenics 20mm figures that I bought at Warfare last year. The scenarios are squad or platoon level, so ideal for 20mm rather than the more expensive option of 28mm. I can also use a lot of my existing desert terrain.

The supplement also has rules for motor vehicles, trains and aircraft, to bring things bang up to date c1910 and to add some more excitement to the scenarios. I am now a very happy gringo! You can get your own copy of the Viva la Revolucion! supplement from Wargames Vault or direct from Wiley Games.

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