A Flash Ride for HVTs

SUVs pop up in reading about Afghanistan a lot. So I’d been keeping an eye out for one for my Taliban field commander or local Drug lord to ride in. A big Ford Escalade would be nice, and I could get a 3D print for 12.00, but I spotted this Matchbox Landrover for a dollar in the local sprawl-mart. 
Sweet ride!

I got it home, opened the package and found this very naff roof with out of scale luggage (that Jerry can is pretty huge).

What’s with the see through luggage?
What to do? Cover it? Remove it? Paint it?

So it sat on the table for a month or more until I settled upon „go big or go home“ and added even more luggage from my left over stowage.

There, all set to be targeted by my SF teams.

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