A Mighty Megalosaurus

This latest addition to the Dinosaur pens here at Awdry Towers is the companion piece to last year’s ‘Steggie’.  The proud beastie was kindly donated by that most generous purveyor of plastic Jeremy ‘Jez’ Winstanley Esq. of the ‚Carrion Crow’s Buffet‘.  I had rather foolhardily described the creature, in the earlier post, as an Iguanodon, but Jez very delicately pointed out my erroneous categorisation reminding me that it is actually a Megalosaurus.
This splendid, hard plastic specimen was produced by Invicta Plastics of Leicestershire from 1974 and in conjunction with Natural History Museum.  Given that they are now out of production, you could argue that it should be seen as a collector’s piece, but the thought of it languishing in a forgotten drawer seemed a great shame and so out came the trusty airbrush.
Using last year’s efforts as a template, I once again affixed the beast on a ‚Warbases‘ MDF pill shaped base.  A couple of passes with different shades of green provided me with a suitable base on which to work and all that remained was some subtle dry brushing to achieve the highlights and hint at stripes across its back.

As with ‘Steggie’, I was thrilled with how quickly the Megalosaurus came together and delighted to see the two finally reunited, enjoying a playful frolic in the jungle.  All that remains is to thank Jez for his generous gift.

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