A New Awesome Roman Town

A New Awesome Roman Town


Now that I’ve installed new LED lights in my game room, and I can actually see things, I thought that I should bring all of my Roman 28mm buildings and set up a Roman town. By the way, Herb Gundt made all of the buildings and most of them have never seen the light of day in a war game. 

The new LED lights. I added two sets of lights placed over the middle of the table.
All of the light pods are now LED lights.

Hopefully all of these pictures are well lit and enable me to take better photographs going forward.

All of the buildings have lift off roofs because it was my intention to play skirmish.level games with the terrain

The town square.

The Roman baths. Every town should have one.
Also note the temple to one of the gods.
A Roman Villa

The vineyards.

A Roman watch tower to notify the town if barbarians are sighted.

The view down the length of my 6ft by 12ft game table.

The Punic Wars project is moving along nicely. I have completed two units of Iberians, one unit of African heavy infantry, a half unit of veterans, and one unit of light troops. I am currently working on a unit of Celts or Gauls and hope to have them completed later this week. After that, I will likely turn to the Romans and paint some Hastatii units.

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