A pair of great websites

Hey all!

I’ve been meaning to post these two for a LONG time… just wanted to direct people to a pair of AMAZING websites.

First up is Wargaming Workshop.  Absolute ADORE this site… the guy has just beautiful, clear photos of a million of his armies… Epic 40k, Flames of War, Moreheim, Saga, Warmaster… the list is endless and interesting, and every single army is BEAUTIFULLY done.  I mean, perfect… spot on fluff, along with imagination and creativity… and each has a dedicated, cleanly created website.  It’s pretty much a perfect website.

Next up…

The second website is Miniature Addiction… and holy cow.  The ENTIRE French army from Waterloo, in 6mm?  Uh, YES PLEASE!  And all beautifully based, perfectly researched… it does not get any better.  Throw in some beautiful 28mm ACW and Napoleonic and Colonials and Ancients and… well, awesome stuff:)

Anyway… I urge everyone to go check out these two websites… you can spend HOURS on them, and enjoy every second of it:)

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