A Portable Fistful of Lead

A Portable Fistful of Lead


This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for quite a long time but brought into focus by the game of Fistful of Lead I played at the club recently. This was a small game involving some basic desert terrain, a couple of adobe buildings and a railroad track with a train, but it took two of us to carry all the boxes into the club. 
I’m thinking of a much more portable way to play some games, especially the scenarios set in town which require even more boxes of buildings, so have revived an idea I had ages ago to do a 25mm version. This would use the Peter Pig Hey You In the Jail range, which includes character figures in mounted, foot and dead poses, as well as packs of townsfolk, gunmen, bandits, native tribesmen, cavalry and and cattlemen. 
The advantage would be scaling down the game area to a two or threefoot square board with some custom made terrain. The laser cut buildings from the likes of Blotz, Empires at War or Sarissa Precision, which feature lift off rooves, rather than solid resin buildings, so that figures could be placed inside. The movement and ranges would be in cm not inches so that it scaled down to the board size, but otherwise the rules would stay the same. 
I think this would work really well but it’s just an idea at the moment that I may have a go with later in the year, possibly as a summer holiday painting and modelling project?

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