A worth local cause - bringing it all back home

A worth local cause – bringing it all back home

Been a hectic last couple of days. Delapre  Abbey, who host the Northamptonshire Battlefield Society meetings, were made aware that an important item owned by a previous resident of the Abbey was up for auction.

Everard Bouverie was a Lieutenant in the Horse Guards at Waterloo. His family owned Delapre, and the Abbey has his Waterloo medal on display. Late last week they became aware that his sword, used at Waterloo, had come on the market, following the death of a the private collector who owned it.

Supported by NBS the Abbey has been trying to raise the c£8,000 needed to buy the sword before the auction on the 4th April. They have until the close of business on the 3rd to raise the funds. 

A worth local cause - bringing it all back home

They have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money. After three days they’ve got donations and pledges in excess of £7,000. What a great showing by the local community and those who care about our past. Let’s hope we can raise the rest in the next two days to stop this important piece of local heritage disappearing back into someone’s private collection.

You can donate on this link: https://gofund.me/67623a6d.

Please help if you can. Any amount can make a difference.


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