Aces High, Low Stakes

Aces High, Low Stakes


There’s a Knights of the Sky club game at the end of the month and I think I’m supposed to be writing a scenario for it? In the previous games I’ve run the Fokker Eindeckers always get pasted by the Airco DH2 and Nieuport 11 allied pilots, so I’m trying to come up with a way to give them better odds. The first idea was to make them all ‚ace‘ pilots, with the option to re-roll a targeting dice once per turn, giving them a better chance of a successful hit. I quite like this idea, as it’s simple but not over generous, so won’t unbalance the game. It also reflects the experience and exploits of the German pilots during the ‚Fokker Scourge‘, which was coming to an end at the time but was still evident. 

The other scenario idea is to give each pilot a playing card, one of which is an ace and the others just low value number cards, the ace representing a fictional ‚ace‘ pilot of repute. The cards are dealt out at the start of the game but not revealed until the player’s aircraft is shot down. If the ‚ace‘ is revealed the  victorious pilot gets a nice big VP bonus, but if a number card is revealed the pilot also gets a bonus, albeit a smaller one, possibly the value of the card itself. It’s all up in the air a bit as I’m still fiddling about with the way it would work, but I think I’m onto something?

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