Afrika Korps - Vehicle Painting Guide.

Afrika Korps – Vehicle Painting Guide.

After several weeks away finally some time on the brushes and some German vehicles for the Western Desert. These take me right back to being a kid with Airfix and Matchbox figures, playing out Commando Comic stories.

There are plenty of Afrika Korps Painting guide out there on the interweb so here’s my take. Transported from Western Europe many of the vehicles retained their dark grey finish before being given a paint job of dark yellow sand, the harsh conditions often meant that the yellow oaint chipped off which showed the grey colouring at the points of wear.

In the interest of time I undercoated them with a Army Painter sand followed by a light spray of Army Painter Skeleton Bone to give the vehicles some shade.

Once dry using some foam from the various blister packs I dabbed a black grey mix on the areas of most likely wear and tear, the edges of the hull and front and sides in particular, this gave the vehicle an in campaign feel.

At this stage it looked like I might have over done it.

But the addition the of decals in some cases on the grey patches and the adding in of the details such as spare fuel or water tanks, entrenching tools etc. I opted for a brown for the tracks with a metallic dry brush to give it that worn feel. 

Once dry the entire vehicle gets a flesh wash with a 70/30 water mix to give some areas a little more density, adding in some strong tone to the mix when it comes to the track areas. These was to give that dusty feel, once dry with a large paint brush and a very limited amount of Vallejo dark sound mixed with white I dry brushed the entire vehicle.

All done.

Really pleased how these turned out, the 251/10 was from Warlord late war with the tire on the front, but it fits the bill, the 222 was from the Gentleman’s War Starter Set which is a lovely piece of kit.

Now to get them on the table.

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