Age of Sigmar - Skaven Warplock Jezzails

Age of Sigmar – Skaven Warplock Jezzails

 With demolition of the rest of the basement underway, I don’t really have access to my picture-taking stuff… so.. all you get is low-quality-shot-on-the-workbench pics today… 

Just finishing up two Skaven Warplock Jezzail teams. 

I have four more of these… Which would make two units of three (I think they are fielded as units of three in Age of Sigmar). They would need stripping, though… I’m not super motivated to do that right now – especially since I have no great urge to use them in Age of Sigmar any time soon!? 

I finished these up because they have been haunting the workbench for too long in a 90% finished state… but also because I finished up a campaign, that’s got me thinking about future campaigns and I keep coming back to this ridiculous idea of hosting an in-person Warcry campaign where all the players have Skaven warbands and are fighting for dominance of the Under-Carngard!? (Of course, having four more teams might be handy for that campaign as well…)

The ruin of Carngard is the largest settlement of the Bloodwind Spoil in the Eightpoints. The Eighpoints (also/formerly known as the Allpoints) is an interdimensional island connecting the Mortal Realms through warpgates. Currently the Eightpoints are dominated by Archaon (the Everchosen of Chaos) and was the original setting for Warcry. Carngard itself is controlled by a cabal of warlords known as the Seven Talons… BUT beneath Carngard exists the largest infestation of Skaven! So I thought it would be fun to play an entire campaign of just Skaven warbands fighting in my cavern terrain.

We shall see. I think I may be able to put five or six Skaven warbands together, once I get them all painted!? 

Also on the workbench: NOT more Skaven!?

(I do have the rest of the Skaven in a nearby box, though…) 

The workbench is getting a bit crowded… and this is after I shoved all the non-warhammer stuff off to the sides (because I orginially took the picture for a „work-in-Progress Wednesday“ post on the local Warhammer 40,000 clubs facebook group.

What I have been working on, in addition to finishing off the Skaven, are Corsair Voidscarred and Imperial Navy Breacher Kill Teams… and an assortment of other random items.

If I could pick just ONE to work on, I’d probably get stuff DONE… 

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