Agincourt 1415 Miniature Complete with Heraldry and Heraldic Banner

Agincourt 1415 Miniature Complete with Heraldry and Heraldic Banner

I’m obsessed about the Hundred Years War. I always have been since I was a child. I don’t even know why! OK, as a wargamer I know why; I find it fascinating, alluring, and visually captivating.

I’ve been putting together a Warhammer Ancient Battles Hundred Years War English army from an army that has been rebased so many times it will not recover in terms of chips and damage. whilst not destroyed, I do want to make an effort to start again and Agincourt is just so iconic as a medieval battle, ergo the heraldic information much more accessible without combing tomes hidden in the deep dark vaults of the British Library, sadly unavailable to me. I hope to cover first, the Perry packs with the heraldry sculpted on as this will serve to give me a gauge as to just how large the charges etc need to be on the fields on the actual miniatures. I’m also endeavoring to paint up the heraldic banners too with both miniatures temporarily based. Eventually they will serve as the English battles at Agincourt! 

This will be done simultaneously as I crack on with my other projects so there’s going to be plenty to see over the next few months/years.

„A Lancaster! A Lancaster! A Henry! A Henry!“

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