Agincourt Anniversary refight

Agincourt Anniversary refight


Our wargames holiday guest David had a planned 100YW guided tours and wargames for his week with us. We visited a number of chateaux, two battlefield walks and 100YW sites in old Maine, Normandy and Anjou. 

We also planned and played three 100YW games from all three phases of the war, play testing a upcoming rule set that should be published early next year. It is very morale based and takes time to break the morale of the of each base (representing 500 men) as attached leaders can roll off disorder and morale. 

We organised the English into three battles, the French into 3 also, but only committing two battles with the first assault, one of these divisions needed success to win an outright victory, the last division being only deployed if the French assault fails and a successful roll is made. I was very keen to roll out all of my 100YW armies for our games. 

Enjoy the pics 

The English happy few 

The French first Battle 

The field 

The flanking move fails ….again 

The French start to crowd but head towards the English MAA

French line starts to break up from the archery 

The cavalry finally retire 

The English MAA await with the Norman Allied contingent 

Gird your loins here they come! 

The retired cavalry let the archers shoot into the flanks again 

The MAA clash 

Heavy fighting continues 

French MAA reach breakpoint 

Generals attach to rally men on both sides 

Holes appear in the French line as the morale collapses 

The Duke de Harcourt falters and is captured

Pierre the Alençon almost cuts his way through to the king, just like the actual battle 

Then break, the French army retires and history repeats itself, the third French division fails to activate and it’s game over! 



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