<div>AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 - Castillo's & Charni's Spanish Brigades</div>

AHPC 13 – Almansa 1707 – Castillo’s & Charni’s Spanish Brigades


Its back to the 2mm for today’s post and I’ve carried on where I left off from last time with more colourful Spanish units.
This is Charni’s Brigade who fought in the 1st line of the centre right of the battlefield.

The brigade is made up of the purple coated Castilla regt, the Light Blue coated Murcia, the grey coated Trujillo regt and the green coated Badajoz regt

Always get that purple out when you can, It doesn’t happen often enough.
The next Brigade is Charni’s Brigade

They also fought in the 1st line of the centre right of the battlefield, right next to Castillo’s

Regiments in this brigade are the green coated Valladolid, the light blue coated Burgos, the grey coated Osuna and the red coated Sevilla.

I think I’ve enjoyed painting the Spanish infantry up the most, they’re a delight to paint as they are so varied in colour, when they all on the field of battle they should be a sight to behold.

Why oh why didn’t I find Irregular 2mm figures in my life before now, just think of all the money I’d have saved!!
These 8 bases will give me 40 points as they’re 5 points each, the 2 brigadiers are worth 1/2 point each.
So all added together they come to 41 points.

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