<div>AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 - Dozevill's French & Spanish Dragoon Brigade</div>

AHPC 13 – Almansa 1707 – Dozevill’s French & Spanish Dragoon Brigade


I seem to be on a roll with the French at the moment?

Dozevill’s Brigade fought in the 1st line on the left wing under the Marques d’Avaray

They are based on 30×30 bases, which is half the size of the infantry bases, being 60×30.
Each base represents roughly 90 men.

In Dozevill’s brigade were 3 Squadrons of French Courtbonne Dragoons, 3 squadrons of French Bouville’s Dragoons & 2 Squadrons of the Spanish/Irish Mahoney’s Dragoons.
The flags for all these units are purely speculative and taken from various online sites and changes in Microsoft Paint.

Mahoney’s Dragoons

Courtbonne Dragoons

Bouville’s Dragoons

Each Dragoon base is worth 2.5 points
So my Dragoons are worth 20 points
Brigadier 1/2 point
So a total of 20.5 points

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