<div>AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 - French, Horse Brigade's Pelleport and Sandricourt</div>

AHPC 13 – Almansa 1707 – French, Horse Brigade’s Pelleport and Sandricourt


Originally posted on 18th March on the Challenge blog.
I’m battling on through trying to get as much 2mm figures as I possible can.
In this post we have two brigades of French Horse. First up we have Pelleport’s Brigade

Which consisted of the following regts, 2 Squadrons of  Parabere, 2 squadrons of Germinon and 2 squadrons of Pelleport’s.

They fought on the Left of the battle in the second rank under Lt Gen Abre.

I’m afraid the flags are generic 18th century flags, as finding any info on the flags proved extremely difficult. But If I hadn’t have said anything you’d have never known, would you?

The second French Horse brigade is that of Sandricourts.

Sandricourt’s brigade also fought on the left wing of the battle, but they fought in the 1st line under the 

Marquès d’Avaray.

The regiments in this brigade were, 3 squadrons of Berry, 2 squadrons of  Vignau and 2 squadrons of Villers.

The Berry regt is the only French Horse regt with the correct flags, even though they’re a later 7YW flag, but’s its 2mm, and I can hardly see it…….
So to the points
Pelleport’s 2.5 point per base = 15
1/2 point for the brigader total to 15.5 point
Sandricourt’s 2.5 points per base = 17.5 points

1/2 point for the brigader total to 18 point

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