<div>AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 - French Polaston 's Brigade</div>

AHPC 13 – Almansa 1707 – French Polaston ’s Brigade


Leaving Hornblower on his ship we move onto another French infantry Brigade.
This one was commanded by Polaston.

They like Sillery’s brigade were in the front line of the centre left of the battle.

Regiments in this brigade were Medoc, 2 Battalions of Oleron and 2 Battalions of La Couronne.
All the flags come from my NYW collection and were shrunken down to approx 4mm. Yes they are a little big and yes you would have had Popeye’s arms to hold them up! 

Easy points again
5 bases @ 5 points each = 25pts
1 Brigadier base = 1/2 point
So a total of 25.5 once again.

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