AHPC 13 -  Challenge Studio Tour 135pts

AHPC 13 – Challenge Studio Tour 135pts


For today’s first post I’m taking you all on a tour of the Challenge Studio, my first stop is my first Blue Security Pass.

Swords & Sandals: The gladiatorial arenas of Hyboria. Chariot racing in the Colosseum of Rome. Battling strange gorgons on white-sand Greek beaches. Or climbing into the Wooden Horse of Troy. Whatever you’re painting in this studio, we’d love to see the shifting sands of ancient adventure, scimitars flashing in the dark, and maybe a few sandals too.

A Col Bill’s Belt Fed Girl fits perfectly in for his round. 

A very healthy Gladiatrix, named Acca Volsa
For the next stop we cross the Yellow brick Road and end up in Western’s

Westerns: Anything goes, as long as its ‘Way Out West’. Your chance to Paint Gary Cooper, Sitting Bull, or – for the more lateral thinkers – Toshiro Mifune, Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. Wagons roll !!

This very cheeky young lady is Doll Face Kitty and is another of Col Bill’s Belt Fed Girls.
Last time I spoke to the Colonel, he said he gets a few complaints about some of the Belt Fed range, can’t think why???

I thought I had a few Cowboy figures laying in my draw, but alas, I didn’t so it was Col Bill to the rescue!
Next up, we have the only chap in this post and what a mighty chap he is too!

For my next stop on my tour I’ve headed for Books.

Books: Time to paint something from a famous book. It can be any book, as long as you think it would make a great subject for a film.

I’ve already posted a few figures from the famous book by Homer, but this figure is the King of Kings in The Illiad.
Here’s my copy of the Iliad, what a great book it is too.

So who is this bearded hero, from Wargames Foundry?
Its King Agamemnon, who was the king of Mycenae who commanded the Greeks during the Trojan War. He was the son, or grandson, of King Artreus and Queen Aerope, the brother of Menelaus, the husband of Clytemnestra and the father of Iphigenia, Electa, Laodike, Orestes and Chrothemis. Legends make him the king of Mycenae or Argos, thought to be different names for the same area. Agamemnon was killed upon his return from Troy, either by his wife’s lover Aegisthus or by his wife herself.

Next up, its Limo time, a quick call to Lady Sarah and I hop in her limo and get dropped off at Arthouse.

For payment may I present Morag MacEwan, wife and Mother to the three figures in a previous post.

She is from Col Bills once again, this time from their Border Reiver range.
When I saw the word Caberat on the description for the Arthouse stop on the map, I knew immediately what figures I could use.

Arthouse: Darling! Come in, relax at the Cabaret, and enjoy the show! From cold-war European drama, to adventures conducted solely in 8th Century Mayan dialect. From miniatures created out of bottle-tops, to hair-roller armies. Everything artistic is welcome here – whether the art is visual, or just a pose. Want to paint a miniature in just pink paint? Obsessed with Carroburg Crimson ink? This is the Studio for you! Welcome to the location for the quirky, arty and the downright strange.

These luvvly ladies are once again from Col Bill’s Belt Fed Girls range (I sense a theme here?)

Can Can Dancers

So with this entry I shall try and get myself a Red Security pass from the SnowLord himself.

Red Security Pass:

If you have completed at least four Green locations and four Blue locations, well done! You’ll now be welcomed into the Studio of the Great Show-Lord himself to collect your Red Security pass. The Show-Lord will give you one task to complete. If you succeed, you’ll have earned the chance to sit in the Producer’s Chair. Everyone… please be quiet…… shhh!! ….Lights. Camera. Action!

Here’s my very neat and tidy map of all proceedings!
As for the points
Swords & Sandles – Gladiatorix 5pts Bonus 20 pts =25pts
Westerns – Cowgirl 5pts Bonus 20 pts =25pts
Books – Agamemnon 5pts, Bonus 20 pts = 25pts
Sarah’s Limousine –  Morag 5pts Limo Ride 20pts = 25pts
Art House – Can Can Girls 15pts Bonus 20pts
For a Grand total of 135 pts!

So its over to you Curt.

Be gentle with me.

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