AHPC 13 -  My Challenge 13 Wrap up

AHPC 13 – My Challenge 13 Wrap up

or I think I’m gonna need a bigger table?

Mistake No 1, I asked my daughter Holly, to take a couple of pics of me for this post, she took loads of pics, this was the one that looked like me the most…….and it doesn’t look like me either. 

Well that went quick didn’t it? I can’t believe another Challenge is over and done with already? I could have carried on at that pace for another few weeks to be honest, I’m not sure my wife would agree though??
Thanks have gotta go to the Snow Lord Curt & Lady Sarah for putting up with all of our shenanigans over the past few months. Also thanks to Minion Stuart L, leader on the Saturday crew for all his hard work.
I got a lot of figures painted, mostly 2mm of course, but sadly didn’t manage to finish my Almansa 1707 project. Boooooo!



English & Dutch

25’s & 15’s

And here are the figures out on the tabletop.
Hmm? I think I got my math wrong, the troops just fit on an 8 foot table!!!

I’ve included plain bases, in place where the missing units should be.

On the left are the French and Spanish and of course that puts the English, Dutch and Portuguese on the right.

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The photos don’t do the figures justice, so I made a small video, hope it works?
I wanna claim a victory though, I think I’ve painted the most figures in Challenge 13?
34 x  25mm figures
24 x 15mm figures
English, French & Dutch infantry 7680 figures
Portuguese & Spanish infantry 6528 figures
All Cavalry 2184 figures
Artillery 24 guns, 96 figures
Command figures 134 figures
For a total of 16646 2mm figures!!!

Here’s my performance so far in all the Challenges

Challenge II 4940 points 1st
Challenge III 2586 points 4th
Challenge IV 1227 points 17th
Challenge V 691 points 37th
Challenge VI 681 points 36th
Challenge VII 1093 points 24th
Challenge VIII 662 points 40th
Challenge IX 2274 points 8th
Challenge X 1687 points 11th
Challenge XI 2260 points 8th
Challenge XII 2168 points 7th

Challenge XIII 1111 points 27th
Dunno what Holly did to my phone, I hope I don’t really look like this???

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