AHPC 13 - The Directors Chair - 15mm French Indian Wars

AHPC 13 – The Directors Chair – 15mm French Indian Wars

Red Security Pass:

If you have completed at least four Green locations and four Blue locations, well done! You’ll now be welcomed into the Studio of the Great Show-Lord himself to collect your Red Security pass. The Show-Lord will give you one task to complete. If you succeed, you’ll have earned the chance to sit in the Producer’s Chair. Everyone… please be quiet…… shhh!! ….Lights. Camera. Action!

After a quick and short email from the Snow Lord I was given the task of ….

„Now, what do you have in your collection that you may have been avoiding, or been wanting to get to, but something always seems to get in the way of completing it? Basically, let’s come up with a task for you that is fun but also a bit of a challenge.“

Hmm? I had to think about this one? I suppose the key words were „wanting to get to, but something always seems to get in the way of completing it“

Way back in the misdt of time 2012 infact was the last time I painted up some of my 15mm French Indian War collection, so I thought I might brush the dust off the mega box of unpainted goodies.

Here’s the post from March 2oth 2012



And here’s a pic, if you don’t wanna click.
Well the first thing out of the box were a pack of Matchlock Miniatures Woodland Indians dressed in western clothes, now available from Caliver Books in the UK. The next 2 packs were some Compagnies Franches de la Marine. So it was as easy at that.

They were pretty simple to paint up but look quite effective? And they gave my eyes a rest after painting loads of 2mm too. There are 8 figures here.
There were also 3 French commanders dressed in native garb, so these got a lick of paint too.
Only 3 Commanders

Last up are the French Marines
12 of them to add to the 57 I already have??

Lastly there’s the mystery figure on the left, it was in the pack with the French Commanders, so I thought it was a Native leader, but actual think it a lady? Unfortunately this is the only pic I have of her/him?
So as for the points we have 48 x 15mm figures @ 2 Points each.
16 points for the Natives
8 for the Commanders and errr lady?
24 points for the Marines
& 20 points Red Bonus Round
For a grand total of 68 points!!

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