AHPC13 - Gang of 4 - 25mm

AHPC13 – Gang of 4 – 25mm

Back in the day on the borders of England and Scotland a gang of young ruffians caused mayhem everywhere they went, they were forever bunking off of school, hiding in the woods and playing soldiers

Now they’re all grown up, nothing had really changed, apart from bunking off of school that is.
Leader of the gang is Chris, he dreams of being a dashing Cavalryman charging down the nearest enemy, with no mercy.

Second in command is Martin C, not sure why but he’s always got his finger up his nose???

Graham like his pal Chris, wants to be a Cavalryman too, flashing his blade or lance at the enemy.

Lastly we have Matt, he’s a bit of a bruiser and got caught by his mum nicking the broom

and is always seen, picking his troos out of his bum!!
My short and sweet ode to the Top 4 Challengers, was bought to you in association with Col Bill’s Border Reiver range
Next up

Its bruiser Matt’s Mum, older brother ans sister.
Nobody argues with Mrs W, she’s a reknowned good shot having won the county shooting show 3 years on the trot. 

Her teenage son Mike, runs with a gang terrorizing villages near there’s and always has a few bob in his pockets.

Then you have sweet, sweet Mary, who’s waving a rather non polite hand gesture at the local magistrate.
Once again the figures are from the fab Col Bill’s range of Border Reiver figures.
So all in all these will earn me…
35 points!

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