<div>AHPC13 - My last entry - Almansa 1707 - Siluten's Dutch Horse brigade.</div>

AHPC13 – My last entry – Almansa 1707 – Siluten’s Dutch Horse brigade.

My last post for AHPC 13 
And its a Brigade I painted up at the start of the Challenge back in December, I put it in a box and promptly forgot about it! I was checking my list, thinking „I’m sure I painted them, I must be going round the bend?“ But no, a quick search and there they were.


This is Siluten’s Dutch Brigade

Which consists of 2 squadrons of Drimborn’s Horse, 2 squadrons of Mattha’s Dragoons and 2 squadrons of Schippenbach’s Dragoons

6 bases @2.5= 15pts
add 1/2 point for the brigadier.
15.5 points
And that’s me over and out!

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